Hive and Harvest

Session Mead

Break From Tradition

Revered as the oldest alcoholic beverage on earth, we’re calling on thousands of years of history to craft our easy-to-drink artisanal mead. Combining traditional techniques with contemporary fruit flavours, Hive & Harvest boasts a crisp, sparkling profile for something refreshingly different.

Local Honey

Made with our very own 100% pure Ontario honey

Fresh Fruit

Locally sourced, real fruit adds a splash of flavour


A fresh take on the classic beverage, our Raspberry Session Mead is our flagship flavour.



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Our Blueberry Session Mead is perfect for those with a thirst for something different.

Now available at select LCBO Stores. Check out store inventory link below. 


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For people looking for something refreshingly different and a little less sweet, our Cranberry Hive and Harvest Session Mead is a perfect blend of  real cranberries, lightly sweetened with Ontario Honey.

Best Served Chilled in Good Company

Best Served Chilled in Good Company

Beekeeper in bee suit holding frame filled with bees among the beehives

Taste The Heritage

Munro Honey has been keeping bees for over a century, farming premium Ontario honey and supporting the prosperity of honey bees. In 1999, they became Ontario’s first meadery, brewing honey-based beverages that celebrate local flavours.